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How Will the Lessons of the Pandemic Apply to Businesses Operations?

How Will the Lessons of the Pandemic Apply to Businesses Operations?

If the pandemic has done anything for businesses, it has given them a reason to innovate that cannot be denied—although many have let the opportunity pass them by. Let’s consider how technology has assisted businesses in various industries in their operations as they have needed to adjust.

To begin, let’s review how businesses saw their situations change when circumstances demanded them to adapt… and how they have done so.

What COVID Did to Businesses

As much should be obvious, but COVID-19 wreaked havoc on businesses, causing many to close and others to struggle to continue their operations. Compounding upon this, universal complications arose in many industries due to the struggles felt by others—particularly due to the issues felt amongst production, shipping, and retail establishments. Sudden panic buying and the unexpected nature of this catastrophe led to many retailers struggling to keep up with demand, with shortages popping up in various goods including toilet paper, canned goods, computer chips, and most pressingly, medical equipment and sanitizing products.

In addition to this, there were also the operational changes that other types of businesses faced. Some of these changes were due to the difficulty in procuring the supplies needed to operate, while others were brought about due to widespread social distancing measures and a lack of remote work capabilities. 

As their on-premise doors were closed, some businesses were forced to lock up for good, as the strain that so many sudden changes imposed was too much for them to adapt to. Others, many of which had already implemented many of the technologies that helped facilitate these changes, found the sudden transition much easier. While there were certainly still some growing pains, many businesses were able to regain their stride while still adhering to the restrictions that precautionary health measures inherently placed on them.

Hopefully, once this crisis passes, these businesses and industries will be able to preserve some of these advanced processes and adjusted workflows by continuing their use of the cloud. Indeed, with 47 percent of surveyed businesses responding that they expected to invest more in the cloud in the future, this seems like a likely prospect.

Is Your Company Prepared for a More Cloud-Based Work Environment?

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Thursday, 08 December 2022

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